Adding the snails to your tank – Acclimatisation

Please leave the snails in their open packaging to warm up at room temperature for a while. Then you can add them to your tank. Please make sure they are the right way around. Especially Nerite Snails tend to struggle righting themselves.

 My snails have not moved - are they dead?


It is normal for snails, especially Nerite snails, to not move for several days. They can stay put for up to 72 hours after introduction. Assassin snails have a similar behaviour: it is quite normal for them to just sit still (or even bury themselves into the substrate) and wait for "food" to walk buy. Well-fed assassin snails will show less activity.


If they still have not moved after 48 hours


It is always a good idea to keep an eye on them for the first days. If your snails should not have moved during the first 48 hours, please carefully remove the snail from the tank and have a closer look. Dead snails will smell bad. If the trap door is not firmly closed, give it a little tap, if the snail does not contract its muscle to seal the door, something is wrong.